The Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch (RRMR), a subdivision of the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center (OCDAC), a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit public agency.

A self-sustaining residential and training program by and for those with sensory impairments (ie. deafness, blindness, and / or autism) run and managed by the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.

About the Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch

Named after our late founder Richard P. Roehm, the Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch (RRMR) will provide the next level of services necessary in the sensory impaired community (including those with auditory and visual impairments, as well as sensory processing disorder often found in those with autism).

Too often, people with sensory disabilities are turned away from programs that might help them; or worse, there are no programs that can meet their needs. There is a true need for programs and services aimed at the sensory impaired population. Programs like this are called "Independent Living" training programs.

The programs include cooking, housekeeping, gardening, feeding and caring of livestock, arts & crafts and training in many more skills.

This project involves a campaign to purchase a ranch and/or farm land to provide temporary/long term housing (also known as Group Homes) and extensive rehabilitation training for clients in a therapeutic environment. If you wish to contribute to the Memorial Fund for the RRMR, please let us know.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Update: We have 20 acres near Cedar City, Utah and 10 acres in 29 Palms, California that we will be making improvements to and building on!

We need the following items ASAP please let us know if you can donate them.

  • 2 Camper trailers
  • 1 ton pickup truck (Prefer Ford F150/F250 Diesel, Automatic)
  • Water trailer
  • Solar panel power system (we need more panels, batteries, and charge controllers)
  • Dual fuel generator
  • Unused sand bags
  • Rolls of barbed wire in good condition

More items in our wishlist on amazon:

Meet the people working on this project

Bobby Fleener, the lead on this project is hearing impaired, has tons of experience in living/camping in the mountains/mountainside in Colorado; He previously leased a 250 acre farm in Texas and has lots of handyman experience. He holds an AA's degree.

Beth Koenig, our Executive Director has Asperger's Syndrome and has loads of experience in camping and using RVs. She has worked with the sensory impaired since 1996. She holds two certificates in Animal Care and has been taking care of animals most of her life. She is a member of the Irvine CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and is well trained in handling emergencies.

Johnny Lam, one of our team members is blind, he holds an animal care certificate and has tons of experience in caring for animals. He has recently been spending his free time breeding quail. He teaches assistive technology to the visually impaired.



*All funds raised from tuition, fees, and donations go back to supporting programs and services.

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