The Driver Communication Assistance Kit (Formally the Deaf Motorist Kit) that Could Save Your Life!

With all the recent noise going on in the deaf blogs and video blogs over negative experiences between deaf motorists and law enforcement, let us take this opportunity to introduce our Driver Communication Assistance Kit that has been around since 2003.

People who work hard to teach about and enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) created the Driver Communication Assistance Kit. This product is created by people who know what officers, lawyers, and judges expect of deaf motorists.

This is a real kit that is used by drivers with speech and hearing impairments. This is not like the lame, money-sucking $30 J-88 card that another deaf entrepreneur pushed in 2003–2004. This is different. The Driver Communication Assistance Kit has real teeth.

What gives OCDAC’s Driver Communication Assistance Kit its teeth are the items that are required to be placed in it. Items include:

  • your driver identification information

  • vehicle registration

  • doctor's or audiologist's note

  • Insurance information for drivers

  • local interpreter information

Everything that an officer needs to realize your need for communication assistance Everything a lawyer needs to build a strong ADA case for you if the officer fails to accommodate your communication needs When your lawyer brings it to court, it contains everything a judge needs to lean in your favor, and the federal codes used in the Driver Communication Assistance Kit are applicable in all states and US territories already covered by the ADA.

This is a comment from one of the testers: "I like the idea of keeping a copy of your doctor's or audiologist’s diagnosis, letter, note, or whatever else with everything else. I’ve never considered that, and it sure is a great idea! I recall many stories and jokes about people trying to evade cops by pointing to their ears and shaking their heads. Providing the cop with proof of your deafness could be a good way to stop wary cops from doubting your deafness!"

And putting together the Driver Communication Assistance Kit yourself is easy because it comes with a list of all the parts you need. Fill in the blanks. Store it in your glove compartment or any other reachable location in the vehicle. When an officer pulls you over, just hand him or her the Driver Communication Assistance Kit along with your driver’s identification card. He or she "will" be happy you did.

Some of the best parts of this Driver Communication Assistance Kit are:

  • No annual memberships are needed.

  • There is no obligation to give us or anyone else your hard-earned money to protect your rights.

  • There are no yearly fees either!

  • And it’s free to download!

That’s what the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is about: improving the safety of our speech- and hearing-impaired motorists.

What happens between you and the officer depends on things like why you were pulled over, how you treated the officer, if you were drunk, if you had any warrants, etc. The Driver Communication Assistance Kit is not intended to help you get away with breaking the law. The Driver Communication Assistance Kit will not prevent you from getting a ticket or being arrested. The goal of the Driver Communication Assistance Kit is to let the officer know about your hearing or speech disability and how you need to communicate, as well as to help the officer find services in your area that can help you communicate.

Be a responsible motorist. Get your Driver Communication Assistance Kit today!

Download it for FREE!

Get your Driver Communication Kit today!

More info for Drivers with hearing and/or speech impairments:

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