Learn American Sign Language (ASL) with SIGN Club, our dynamic and interactive program that teaches the fundamentals of ASL to individuals of all ages and abilities. Through our engaging lessons, students develop essential communication skills and build connections with the Deaf community.

SIGN Enrichment

SIGN Enrichment is a virtual homeschool enrichment program designed for K-12 students with sensory impairments. We offer a customized core academic curriculum tailored to each student's unique needs, promoting their growth and success in a flexible, accessible learning environment.

SIGN Preschool

SIGN Preschool is an inclusive and engaging early education program for children with sensory impairments. Our experienced educators teach in spoken English and Pidgin Signed English, providing a supportive environment that encourages language development, social skills, and academic readiness.

SIGN Tech Support

SIGN Tech Support is a comprehensive program designed to assist individuals with sensory impairments in learning and mastering technology. We provide ongoing support for clients with disabilities who own small businesses or nonprofits, helping them leverage technology to achieve their goals.

Service Animals

Our Service Animals program gives people with sensory impairments the tools and guidance they need to train their own service animals. This helps them build a strong bond with their animal and be more independent in their daily lives.

Career Training

Through a partnership with Google, our Career Training program gives people with sensory impairments scholarships to take online courses from Coursera. This helps them gain valuable skills and certifications in high-demand fields. Together, we strive to promote career growth and open doors to new opportunities.

Living Skills

Our Independent Living Skills program equips individuals with sensory impairments with the essential skills needed to lead a more independent life. We cover daily living tasks, financial management, self-advocacy, and more, ensuring our clients have the resources and confidence to navigate their world.

The Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch

The Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch is a visionary residential and training program designed by and for individuals with sensory impairments. This self-sustaining community will offer comfortable housing, comprehensive training, and a supportive environment where residents can develop essential life skills and pursue personal and professional goals.

*All funds raised from tuition, fees, and donations go back to supporting programs and services.

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