Be job ready in six months with a

Google Career Certificate scholarship

Scholarships for the new Google Career Certificates are now available, and the Sensory Impaired Guidance Network is excited to help bring these scholarships to our community. Finding tools and resources that can assist those with sensory issues to advance in the workplace and start or further their careers has always been one of our main focuses.

The Google Career Certificate program can help you get on the fast track to a competitively paid job in a high-growth field. You don’t need relevant experience or a degree to complete this flexible, online job training. Just put the skills, passion, and ambition you already have to work.

  • Explore what the program has to offer at Learn more about how the Google Career Certificates work to put you on the path to in-demand jobs.

  • Apply for a scholarship here on our website. Learn how you can earn a Google Career Certificate for free through SIGN's Career Training Program. Applications are due by October 31, 2022.

Designed by Google, this self-paced, online training program can prepare you for careers in the high-growth fields of project management, user experience (UX) design, data analytics, and IT support. And with under 10 hours spent studying a week, you can be prepped for a new career in under six months. Once you graduate from the Google Career Certificate program, you can connect directly with over 150 top U.S. employers to jump-start your job search.

There are over 1.5 million job openings across Certificate fields and the demand is growing.

Earn a credential and stand out to employers with a Google Career Certificate.

Fill out the form to apply today!

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*All funds raised from tuition, fees, and donations go back to supporting programs and services.

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