Service Animal Program

Here are some dogs we have helped train in the past. The slide show is a work in progress...

We help our sensory impaired clients train their own service animals. We primarily use rescued dogs. The types of service dogs we help train are currently:

  • Guide (Helps with visual issues, low vision, blindness)
  • Sound Alert (Helps with auditory information, hearing impaired, hard of hearing, deafness)
  • Autism Support (Helps with many issues, melt downs, stemming, wandering, etc.)

We can also do limited mobility and medical alert training.

To qualify for the program you must have either a vision, hearing or other sensory issue (Clients with Sensory Processing issues or autism qualify)

You must be able to physically handle the dog. If you wish to train a dog you already have they can not be older than 3 years of age.

We evaluate all dogs that come into this program for ability and temperament. Due to the dogs working in public they need to meet certain behavior standards.

We can help the client to get a dog and the equipment they need at cost. Training costs $45 an hour to work with both the client and the dog. Clients that can not afford these fees we will help to find funding. Our goal is to not turn away any clients based on their ability to pay. If you would like more info on our training please contact us.

*All funds raised from tuition, fees, and donations go back to supporting programs and services.

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