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NOTICE: We are changing our name to the

Sensory Impaired Guidance Network (SIGN)!

We help individuals who have hearing impairments (deafness, hard of hearing, auditory processing disorder), vision impairments (blindness, low vision) and sensory processing disorder (common in those with autism). We provide education, tools, and resources so our clients can move towards independence through health, safety, and productivity! Need help? Contact Us Interested in helping? Get Involved or Donate Now

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The Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch

for the Sensory Impaired

Helping the Sensory Impaired to Achieve the Greatest Degree of Independence

What's New

We have an online preschool that opened May 4th, 2020 for children ages 3-6 years old. All classes are in Sign Language and spoken English. Sign Language has been shown to benefit all children! We are using real preschool curriculum, with real teachers. Please contact Beth ( if you have a sensory impaired child and can not afford the program.

*All funds raised from tuition, fees, and donations go back to supporting programs and services.

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