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Transforming Education

We are excited to introduce you to a world-class, custom K-12 education through the SIGN Enrichment Virtual Programs! Our mission is to make tailored education accessible to everyone, transcending the limitations of traditional schooling systems.

*We are an integrated program accepting children of all abilities*

Inclusive and Comprehensive Learning

Our program is a haven of inclusivity, welcoming children of all abilities. We specialize in providing a comprehensive learning experience, covering essential core subjects like English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, ensuring each child receives a well-rounded and robust education.

Early College Access

High school students in our program have the unique opportunity to access early college, allowing them to get a head start on their higher education journey.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in an education system that propels your child forward, supporting their educational goals and not restricting them. Our passion is to create a learning environment where every child can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Beth Koenig
Core Subjects and Special Needs Instructor

Hi! I'm Ms. Beth, and for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a teacher. I have been teaching all different subjects for our sensory impaired clients for over 18 years. The last 7 years I have been working with families to custom design homeschool curriculum for children with special needs and help their typically developing siblings too. The last four years I have been helping homeschooling families choose and implement curriculum as well as monitoring their children's progress. I have also been making customized college degree plans for high schoolers to get their AA or BA and a high school diploma at the same time!

Bobby Fleener
America Sign Language Instructor

Mr. Fleener has been teaching sign language to all age groups for over 15 years both in person and online and has tons of experience as a tutor in core subjects too.

"Fun classes your child will enjoy it!" - Safaa E.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

Actual Class Instructor + Real Life School Friends!

Our program combines the expertise of actual class instructors with the joy of real-life school friends, ensuring your child enjoys a balanced and enriching learning experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to hold your child’s attention, bringing massive energy to every class and keeping them engaged and learning.

What do we do during the day?

Throughout the day: Your child will have access to all their core subjects online and live group calls.

  • Go Over Projects

  • Answer Questions

  • Planning and Sharing Time

  • ​Group tutoring time ​(answering individual questions and addressing common areas of concern)

  • Up to 60 minutes of sign language immersion per day

Wondering if your child will stay engaged during class?


We have years of experience and we bring MASSIVE energy to every class... including our online classes! You'll be super impressed to see your child engaged, learning, and having fun!

"Beth is amazing and very knowledgeable. She is very creative and she keeps the kids engaged!" - Natalie E.

Our Curriculum

Our live sessions are designed to provide individualized academic attention, integrating self-guided learning and collaborative group activities. We use high-quality resources like Khan Academy, MobyMax, DuoLingo, Code Spark, and Kids A-Z, ensuring your child can work at their own pace and level.

Flexibility and Customization

At SIGN Enrichment, we prioritize providing a highly individualized and custom education for children, catering to both those with and without special needs. Our program combines the best curriculum available, integrating self-guided learning and collaborative group activities. With just 12 hours per week, our developmentally appropriate activities are designed to prepare your child for the next grade.

Unlike traditional schools, where students are often required to sit through material they already know or face a slower pace due to others' difficulties, our program avoids such limitations. We understand that attention can wane if the pace is too slow or important content is missed in a fast-paced environment. That's why we allow our students to take the time they need to process and learn effectively. As a result, they can progress at their own pace, excelling in areas of strength while dedicating additional time to subjects that require more attention.

By providing this flexibility, our students not only acquire a solid foundation in essential knowledge but also have the freedom to enjoy life and engage in play. We believe that a balanced approach to education nurtures their overall development and fosters a love for learning.

With our highly personalized and customized approach, SIGN Enrichment ensures that your child receives the support and resources necessary to thrive academically while celebrating their individuality. Join us on this journey of tailored education, where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our tuition rates are affordable!

Our core program is only 4 days a week!

Your children will receive all of their core subjects in just four days per week, leaving Friday and Saturday free for other activities, such as sports or other interests. The best part? This is a private program, so you can start now! There is no need to wait for your school district to figure things out. We will monitor your children's progress so you don't have to. Our program is also year-round, so you don't have to worry about your child losing progress over the summer! And if you want to go on a 2 week vacation in the middle of the school year, that is perfectly fine! We work with you to meet your child's educational needs and goals.

SIGN Enrichment 2023 - 2024 Calendar

Live Class Schedule:

Click on your time zone to see the schedule!

Pacific Time

12:00-12:45 pm - Core Subject Module

1:00-1:45 pm - Core Subject Module

2:00-2:45 pm - Study Skills

3:00-3:45 pm - Life Skills

4:00-5:00 pm - ASL

Mountain Time

1:00-1:45 pm - Core Subject Module

2:00-2:45 pm - Core Subject Module

3:00-3:45 pm - Study Skills

4:00-4:45 pm - Life Skills

5:00-6:00 pm - ASL

Central Time

2:00-2:45 pm - Core Subject Module

3:00-3:45 pm - Core Subject Module

4:00-4:45 pm - Study Skills

5:00-5:45 pm - Life Skills

6:00-7:00 pm - ASL

Eastern Time

3:00-3:45 pm - Core Subject Module

4:00-4:45 pm - Core Subject Module

5:00-5:45 pm - Study Skills

6:00-6:45 pm - Life Skills

7:00-8:00 pm - ASL

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4 days a week!

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Got questions?


If you think of a question I haven't answered yet, feel free to reach out to

Do you take students with special needs?

Yes! Our program is designed to be inclusive. If your child has a speech issue or autism, is non-verbal or semi-verbal they are welcome. Our classes are also good for children who are hard of hearing, visually impaired, or have sensory processing issues. We will assist you in getting your child evaluated by your local school district and having an IEP created if you wish. If your child already has an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) then we will do our best to support their goals. Every student has a custom educational plan and degree path that is written with and for them so everyone can be on the same page to best support the student.

Do parents have to be present?

No. You do, however, need to log your child into the online classroom at the start of each class, but then you can either stay or do other things you need to do. Older children can log themselves into class and we will work with your child to help them remember to sign into classes.

Do parents have to help outside of school class?

No, once your child is logged in we will take over and help them with their work. Our curriculum is designed to be hands-on and self-contained with independent learning for core subjects, so there is no need for parents to supplement additional curriculum during the day.

Do parents have to buy materials?

No. There are no supplies required. We will let you know when we recommend supplies. Your child should have access to paper and writing utensils. And they will need a working computer to access sessions and independent work. We also highly recommend access to a printer (Epson Ecotank is our favorite brand and we highly recommend it.)

Are there other costs besides my monthly tuition?

No. There are no other costs required to participate. We do offer add on services but they are not required.

​Is this an online "learning" video game or worksheet website?

We are using online websites to track your children's core learning, so they don't need to fill out the endless worksheets and workbooks that other programs have. We do provide printable manipulatives and activities that are optional, and having access to a printer is highly recommended. Our focus is on real, social interaction between an amazing instructor (that's US!) and a small class of amazing friends.

What's the difference between your enrichment program and Hooked on Phonics or ABC Mouse?

We are monitoring the programs your child is using so we know what they need to work on and can help to reinforce concepts in live sessions and provide individual help as needed.

What if my child struggles with socializing or following behavioral norms?

After 18 years of teaching, I think I've seen just about every type of child there is. I'm excited to work with your child and help him or her have a wonderful experience!

What requirements do I need to meet to participate?

You'll need internet access and a laptop or desktop computer. If you are worried about your child having access to non-school related websites, we offer a locked down Chromebook that you can rent from us. Your child will only have access to websites that we allow. If you sign up your child for another educational program we can add that website access to the child's laptop on request.

I'm not technical. Will you show me how to login?

Yes. We will provide complete technical support.

What video conferencing platform are you using?

We use Google Meet, a free platform. The links we use to join our online classroom are exclusive to our families so no one else can access the online classrooms. Plus, our online classroom is monitored by an instructor at all times when in use.

I miss the friends I had with my child's local school. Can I connect with enrichment parents in my child's classes?

Absolutely! After signing up, you'll join our private Facebook group of amazing enrichment families. We're super supportive and excited to have you join us!

How is the curriculum adapted for children with sensory impairments?

We deeply understand the unique needs and challenges faced by children with sensory impairments, and we are committed to creating an inclusive, accessible, and enriching learning environment for all our students. Here’s how we adapt our curriculum to cater to children with sensory impairments:

1. Utilization of Assistive Technology:We employ a range of specialized software and tools designed to accommodate various sensory impairments. This includes screen readers, captioning services, and learning materials in accessible formats such as Braille and audiobooks, ensuring that all content is fully accessible to every student.

2. Expertise of Specially Trained Instructors:

Our instructors are not only experienced but also have received specialized training to support students with sensory impairments effectively. They employ tailored instructional strategies, provide individualized support, and use clear, concise language and step-by-step instructions to ensure every student can fully participate and understand the lessons.

3. Creation of an Adapted Learning Environment:

We maintain a learning environment that minimizes sensory distractions and integrates a variety of sensory experiences to support learning and retention. The flexible learning pace and reduced distractions help in maintaining focus and understanding, allowing students to learn in a way that suits them best.

4. Implementation of a Customized and Inclusive Curriculum:

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to be inclusive and representative, with clear and attainable learning objectives. We employ differentiated instruction and modify learning activities to suit individual needs and learning styles, ensuring that every student can achieve their learning goals.

5. Continuous Parental Engagement and Support:

We believe in the power of collaborative planning and regular communication with parents and caregivers. We work together to develop individualized learning plans and provide the necessary training and resources to support learning and development effectively at home.

6. Regular Assessment and Continuous Improvement:

Our assessments are designed to be fully accessible, with continuous monitoring and regular feedback to refine and improve the learning experience continually. We are always open to feedback and are committed to making necessary adjustments to meet the evolving needs of our students.

7. Multisensory and Integrative Approach:

We incorporate multisensory learning experiences, combining visual, auditory, and tactile elements to enhance understanding and retention. Sensory integration techniques and interactive tools are leveraged to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

We are passionate about fostering an environment where every child, regardless of their sensory abilities, can thrive, learn, and achieve their full potential. Our commitment is to provide a supportive and enriching learning experience, ensuring that the unique needs of every student are met, and their individuality is celebrated.

We hope this provides clarity on how we adapt our curriculum for our sensory-impaired students. Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or need further information. We are here to support you and your child every step of the way.

Can the program accommodate children with learning disabilities or other special needs beyond sensory impairments?

Absolutely, our program is meticulously designed to accommodate children with a variety of learning disabilities and special needs beyond sensory impairments. Here’s how we ensure an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students:

1. Individualized Learning Plans:

Every student is provided with a custom educational plan and degree path, tailored to their unique needs and learning styles. This ensures that each child receives the support and resources necessary to thrive academically.

2. Specialized Support and Accommodations:

We offer specialized support and accommodations to meet the diverse needs of our students, whether they have ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities. This includes additional time on tests, modified assignments, and individualized instructional strategies.

3. Inclusive and Adaptive Curriculum:

Our curriculum is flexible and adaptable, allowing us to make necessary modifications to suit the individual needs of students with various learning disabilities. This ensures that all students can access and engage with the learning material effectively.

4. Trained and Experienced Instructors:

Our instructors are not only well-trained but also have extensive experience working with children with a range of special needs. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for every student.

5. Regular Monitoring and Assessment:

We continuously monitor the progress of each student and conduct regular assessments to identify any areas of concern or additional support needed. This allows us to make timely interventions and adjustments to the learning plan to ensure the success of every student.

6. Collaborative Approach:

We work closely with parents, caregivers, and other professionals to develop and implement effective learning strategies and support for students with special needs. This collaborative approach ensures that the child receives consistent support both at home and in our program.

7. Social and Emotional Support:

We understand the importance of social and emotional well-being for students with special needs and provide a nurturing and supportive environment where they can build relationships, develop social skills, and enhance their self-esteem.

8. Access to Resources and Services:

We assist families in accessing additional resources and services that can support the child’s learning and development, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling services.

9. Focus on Strengths and Potential:

We believe in focusing on the strengths and potential of each child, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve their full academic and personal potential.

10. Parental Engagement and Empowerment:

We maintain open lines of communication with parents, providing them with regular updates on their child’s progress and empowering them with the knowledge and resources to support their child’s learning journey effectively.

By integrating these elements, we ensure that our program is a welcoming, inclusive, and enriching space for all children, regardless of their learning disabilities or special needs. Our commitment is to provide every student with the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve success, celebrating their individuality and helping them reach their full potential.

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"Beth is a great Teacher! She keeps the kids happy, learning and engaged." - Audi A.

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